Seven Keys to Unforgettable Characters

Bob Mayer

Think of your favorite book.  What the first thing that comes to mind?  I’m willing to bet, it’s the characters.  Most people relate to people, not things.

Characters bring emotion to story, and emotion is what attaches readers to books.  It took me a while to truly appreciate this fundamental truth of fiction.

Here are some of the key lessons I’ve learned about character development over the years.

1.     “Know the enemy and know yourself.  In a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”  Sun Tzu.  As I teach in Write It Forward for writers and Who Dares Wins in the business world, before we can understand other people, even fictional ones, we must understand ourselves.  So, yes, if you’re a writer, you’ll need some therapy.  It is not normal to sit alone in a dark room and write 100,000 words; seriously, it’s not.  You need to understand your point…

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Review: Wicked Sexy Liar

Wonderful review and spoiler free.

This Way North Novels

21942346*This review is spoiler free!* 

Wicked Sexy Liar
Author: Christina Lauren
Release Date: February 2, 2016
Series: Wild Season

Wicked Sexy Liar follows London Hughes, a recent college graduate who surfs all day and bartends all night, while she tries to get her life in order. Enters boy from stage left, or at least left field, because London never saw him coming. Luke Sutter is the ex-boyfriend of London’s roommate’s best friend. It sounds complicated but it’s not.

Luke is a player and London is a girl with a guarded heart. He wants her and she wants him, kind of…sort of…sometimes.

It’s hard for me to be unbiased here, since I have an affinity for Christina Lauren books. Of course I love, love, loved this book. For a storyline that seems a little overdone, they played with it and gave it new life.

Of all the girls in Wild Season…

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So You Want To Make A Living Writing? 13 Harsh Truths.

Nice article worth the read. Good and harsh truth.

Bob Mayer

It’s a great life. I’m my own boss. I wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer and sweats in the winter to work, which is in my house. I sit at my desk with a great view of the TN River with a blank stare, drool running down the side of my mouth, and I’m working. Well, not really. Because no one’s paying me for my great thoughts. They’re paying for my writing.

I’ve been doing it for over a quarter of a century and here are some harsh truths I’ve learned about making a living as a writer.

1. No one owes you a reading. You have to earn it.

2.  The minute you think you have it made, your career is over.

3.  You have to be ahead of innovation, not following it. I get rather bored lately reading blog posts and tweets and comments from all the…

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REVIEW: Sex, lies & contracts by Jennifer Probst

A walk by the cliff will never be the same after you read sex,lies & contracts. Hot & bothered, no!! no way does that book leave you like that. Just more than that. The hot and steamy scenes this book has, yeah. Indefinable!!! This book will make you wish you had a beautiful garden and have a very sexy gardener find you so deep in thought and to top it all of, flirt with you, make you feel the butterflies in your stomach and the icing on the cake, fall in love?! Jennifer Probst, I remember reading this book in 4.3 hours.I barely put it down and you know why? Because it was just that good and I had to let you know. Watching or rather reading Julianna and Jack fall in love, it was the best thing in this book.

Jack is this Prince with a shipping empire that he has to take over after the unfortunate death of his father. In the will, there was this clause that would only allow him to take over but if he was married otherwise,his cousin Bryce aka the a**h**e I wanted to burn in one of those beach fires people build like a cleansing or letting-go-and-starting-over things,yeah. You got to read this book to understand my disgusted feelings about him. Better yet,you watch Royals on E! He is kind of like that evil King who killed his brother. Anyway if Jack didn’t do something about it, Bryce was next in line. His behavior was just nah-ah! So Jack the sailor set for Rhode Island to find his princess and love really was the bonus. So he finds her but he doesn’t want her to want him for his money so he picks up gardening. Let me just say Jen, I kinda wanna know how he knew how to garden and tend bars as in he is the Prince!! A little walk down the memory lane would have been nice but hey I ain’t complaining much. Anyway so he met her, Julianna who was also looking desperately,for a guy with dough just to fulfill her late father’s promise in his death bed about…come on. Get the book and read that for yourself! Haha… So an arrangement later and let me just say a HEA is up for grabs!! I can’t tell you everything, make Jen’s day happy and get to read this. I know I did!!!

This is a brilliant read and you will get to understand Jen’s real life inspiration for this lovely story. It’s amazing!!! I’m glad I decided to give it a go. Why don’t you lovelies?


Cheers loves and tell me what you thought of it yeah, yeah 😘😘


REVIEW: Perceptions by Angela Verdenius


Perceptions by Angela Verdenius is the most realistic romance novella about Tess and Damien aka Hunk-O-Spunk. Tess is a rubenesque woman or a BBW aka big beautiful woman. She has feelings for her neighbor but due to her insecurities she feels that he will not even so much as notice her. However, events occur and Damien finally confesses to having a thing for BBWs .

We all know that not everyone is secure about their bodies and this ain’t better for the BBWs. We go through life being the ladies that men want to befriend and not date. It isn’t easy to find that guy who is just happy to be with us for us and not want us to shed a few pounds. So we just get through life not living. Of course I ain’t speaking for all of them but those who feel this way.

Angela in her book, Perceptions writes of the BBWs and them finding love and actual men out there who love women like us just as we are. She sets out to capture that we don’t have to change who we are for someone to love us and that we come as a package deal, (us,our cats and diet cokes). In our society we all are different and for us to find love in the first place, and I mean someone to love and love us back much more than we do them, I mean how lucky is that!!!

So as we see Tess battle her physique and her feelings for this very handsome next door neighbor, honestly it ain’t easy out there in the real world. But we also learn not to settle for anything less than love. I know this is fiction but I tend to believe that love is out there for all of us even the BBWs for just as we are. Angela couldn’t have captured this in the most realistic way. So if Tess can find her way to a chance of happiness why can’t we? I believe there are Damiens out there we just got to believe. I believe this is what Angela wants us to also do, believe!!

So if you haven’t read this book,what are you waiting for? Head out for this lovely novella and have a read. Most of her books are based on BBWs. I promise you will never regret it cause I haven’t.

P.s. you get to learn some new Australian slang.

Pps . There are some steamy scenes that will have you squirming 😜


Cheers 😘😘



Hi darlings,

I am Rachel and I am a book addict. (At a BA meeting somewhere, ‘Hi Rachel!’) Haha…anyway that’s what I would imagine it would be like if there was ever an anonymous book addiction meeting or is there? Someone who knows of one please hit me up? I will be sure to book my next trip there, I am serious!!!

Anyway I love reading books, bookworm needs another definition when it comes to me. So I decided to start this blog because I have these crazy thoughts whenever I am reading and with nowhere else to express them. Even though I love I Twitter, I hate the  140 characters because they aren’t enough when I am talking to the authors of the books that invoke all these thoughts and feelings within me. I have to tell them they have either made me cry tears of joy or that I hate them and that the book should have been like this, so yeah. And I am really tired of talking to myself so here I am,ready to go cuckoo. So feel free to drop by and let’s go cuckoo together 😊